• I'm no longer blogging daily, or much at all.  I might post intermittently, but I'm happy with physical journaling for now.
  • I've either shut down or am shutting down my social media accounts.  LinkedIn is currently the exception, but I may close even that in the near future.  I didn't realise how relieved I would feel deleting Facebook until I did it, but I am very happy with the decision.
  • I've finished watching both the first and second seasons of Rome from 2005.  It wasn't the most historically accurate, but I personally found it very, very good.
  • Currently working my way slowly through the second series of Vikings.
  • I've been eliminating sugar from my diet.  I've had a few days where I have relapsed, but I have managed to lose some weight and keep it off consistently
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This update was March 2017.

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