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The 30-day challenge

"Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ." Saint Jerome

If I told you that within 30 days, you could be more knowledgeable about history, languages, and three of the world’s major religions, would you be interested?
I call this the 30-day challenge.
What is the challenge? The challenge is to read the books from the Christian New Testament known as the Gospels (sometimes ‘The Book of the Gospels’ when it is published separate from the rest of the Bible).This is a group of four books titled Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
Why would I read these books? These four books constitute the pinnacle of the Christian Bible.They will help you to: Learn more about three major world religions:Judaism:Jesus is the most popular claim to be the Messiah and Prophet proclaimed within the Hebrew Bible.  Jews don’t affirm the Messianic claims about him.Christianity:Christianity affirm the claims that Christ is the Prophet, Priest and King prophesied in the Hebrew Bible. Christianity is the world’s …

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