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Resolving Bible Contradictions - How many men did the chief of David's captains kill?

ContextThe Bible has countless objections, criticisms and claims of contradictions.  No doubt, it will continue to do so for some time.  
BibViz, is a website listing a number of apparent contradictions within the Bible.
Websites like this are not a problem, but an opportunity for dialogue.  They invite one to study their faith, to reason with the Lord, to pray for understanding and to find conclusions.  
Most of the apparent contradictions listed on the website occur because someone has considered two texts which appear to be covering the same topic.  Where they actually are covering the same topic, someone may find what appears to be a contradiction.  
When this occurs, people can approach these apparent contradictions in one of three ways: There is a contradictionThere is no contradictionIs it possible that these may / may not contradict?I suspect that most of the time Christians unintentionally take the second position and atheists the first.  In reality though, the best way to approac…

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