Achievements for this year to date

Looking back on what has already gone past of this year, I have managed to successfully achieve a number of things:

- Established an emergency fund.
- Updated this site with a new layout.
- Learned a number of skills for online business.
- Paid off my non-interest loan.
- Successfully passed my university classes.
- Stopped smoking for over six months.
- Read the following books:
  1. How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie.
  2. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T Harv Eker.
  3. 80/20 Principle by Richard Koch.
  4. Letters from a Stoic by Seneca.
  5. Dialogues and Letters by Seneca.
  6. Gain confidence with the power of NLP (stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming).
  7. How to be rich working two days a week by Brendan Nichols.
  8. I will teach you to be rich by Ramit Sethi.
  9. Think and Grow Rich, 1937 version (previously only read the 1960's version) by Napoleon Hill.
- Realised there are other books out there other than business books that are interesting (thanks to Seneca, now looking at a much wider reading selection).
- Developed a new perspective on life and my goals.
- Started to decrease by online life. Facebook and Myspace in particular seem to be costing me more time than the satisfaction they bring.
- Spent more time with family and loved ones.
- Started to embrace the minimalist life by reducing clutter and distractions.
- Become more content with where I am in life (still not with university, it is really slow for me).
- Was offered and subsequently accepted a position in the Golden Key International Honours Society.
- Traveled interstate twice with work.
- Identified the importance of having a work/life balance.
- Rekindled old friendships.
- Found the cure for cancer (I wish).

Looking back some of these achievements tie into my goals, others do not so much. Sometimes it is good to look back and notice the forward progression, especially when things seem to be a little stagnant.

What have you achieved in 2009? The three things to consider when reflecting upon your what you have achieved is:
  1. What have I learned?
  2. What am I learning?
  3. How am I progressing forward?

Become a master Pick Up Artist in business and life part two

What makes you happy in life?
Building on my previous post, I have found that Pick Up Artists use a lot of techniques that can be applied to business and all areas of life.

The above video shows Neil Strauss (aka Style) author of 'The Game' discussing how by focusing on maintaining a balance of four areas every day he has worked on making himself both a more confident, happy and interesting person.

Essentially these four steps are useful for any individual wanting to find a greater sense of satisfaction in aspects of their life:

1. Work: Doing a bit of work every day allows you to progress forward towards your dreams while achieving something. This will allow you to continue achieving small steps and progress daily towards your goals, while finding a level of satisfaction in life. If you ask people who have retired a lot of them miss working and the sense of satisfaction they got from working.

2. Mental: Challenging ourselves with new problems and learning something new everyday helps increase our overall knowledge while also making us a more interesting person. I find I face new problems almost every day. Each one helps me to learn something new about a specific situation and about myself.

3. Physical: Prevention is often better than a cure. Spending a small amount of time every day working on maintaining physical health can help you maintain your fitness easily. Five push ups a day is better than 50 one day a week. Having a higher level of health and fitness will allow you to take on more tasks and to prevent you from feeling as drained of energy at the end of the day.

4. Social: We are social beings. Without If we don't interact and engage with others on some level daily, we quickly become depressed and reclusive. I have experienced this at times over the years in my life, and it is not a healthy situation to be in. If you want to begin increasing your social life, start investing more in your friends. Make a quick call, stop in at a pub after work and meet new people or get into some sort of new activity.

Many people often try to take on too much or forget to try and maintain a balance of the important things in their lives. Before too long then end up overburdened, burned out and depressed.

By devoting a small amount of time everyday to the main aspects of life you can help to minimise the chance of burnout in one area while maximising your satisfaction in all areas. Interest and energy are cyclical, so by not focusing too much on one we diversify out interest which can help to increase our energy over a longer period.

The next time you are having an average day or not feeling so great about yourself, consider the following self analysis questions:
  1. Am I devoting too much energy to one particular aspect of life?
  2. Am I doing this merely to impress someone else, or to feel better within myself?
  3. What could I do right now to improve my mood?

Become a master Pick Up Artist in business and life.

There are some skills that improve our chances of success in all areas of life.

I have just finished reading the book 'The Game' by Neil Strauss. In his book, Neil covers the story of a period in his life when he suddenly found himself involved in the secret society of professional Pick Up Artists (PUA's).

PUA's devote a major part of their life to picking up women. They learn various skills including magic tricks, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP... think Tony Robbins as a good example), lines that make approaching people easier and much much more in the hope of improving their ability to succeed. Perception becomes their new reality. PUA's focus on increasing the way they are perceived and gradually turn this into a reality through practice and lifestyle changes.

One such characteristic a lot of these PUA's aspire to is to be an Alpha Male. An Alpha Male is seen as the leader of a group and has a lot of traits that are naturally desirable for women. In the book, Neil's PUA Mentor named Mystery outlines to him the six characteristics of an Alpha Male, namely:
  1. Smile.
  2. Confidence.
  3. Well connected.
  4. Well groomed.
  5. Social center of the room.
  6. Sense of humour.
Reflecting on these six aspects, I believe that they apply to personal success in more areas than just merely picking up women. They are in fact the same characteristics that help to best portray your character and the real you, which can drastic improve your chances for advancement and other personal success. This can work both for an employee and an entrepreneur. Let's look at these characteristics in more detail.

1. Smile
A smile is one of the best things a person can do all the time without much effort. Smiling at people helps brighten their day, portrays that you are a happy and confident person and generally improves your mood. Smiling takes fewer muscles than frowning, so smiling is not entirely challenging. I enjoy smiling (and laughing too for that matter) and try to do so in all of my business dealings. Life is too short not to smile.

2. Confidence
There is a lot that can be said on confidence, and everyone has their own opinion on how to have it. The main common denominator for confidence however seems to be passion on a subject/s and the ability to express that confidence publicly. Body language, tone of voice, etc. are merely tools to help you portray the true confidence that you have. By devoting time to your passions and then working on developing tools and techniques to improve the way you communicate your passions, you can quickly skyrocket your confidence and success.

3. Well Connected
Having a network is important to business and personal success. Your network does not need to be huge, but must be a quality network. A person with ten friends who would die for them is a lot better off than someone who knows 100 people.

No one should ever view friendship on a give one-take one sort of approach. Jesus himself recommended that when a friend asks for a shirt you should give him your coat as well. By listening and putting quality effort into our friends we can build lifelong relationships where both we and our friends are valued and respected.

4. Well GroomedPUA's recommend practicing good grooming and being well dressed.

Your chances of success in business are generally increased with better grooming, well-fitting clothes and style. Wearing quality clothes, making sure facial hair is maintained properly and general health and exercise will help to improve the way you appear to others. Outside of business i have been trying this the last week or two by doing the following:
  1. Got my hair cut out of the ordinary (I now have a mohawk).
  2. Wearing bright coloured shirts (bright orange, yellow, or green).
  3. Improving my body posture.
  4. Eliminating my facial hair stubble.
  5. Wearing new and different jewelry (Some pieces I have been wearing for five years), etc.
These slight changes (at a relatively affordable cost) have increased a number of things for me:
  1. My self confidence.
  2. The number of compliments I receive.
  3. The number of conversations I have with new people.
  4. Respect from friends.
  5. My physical appearance, etc.
It is also good to spend a little bit maintaining pace with fashion. I remember years ago wearing 'fashionable' jeans that were really baggy and looked big on a friend who was over six foot (I was about 5 foot at the time). Nowadays I can't believe what I was thinking back then and have made adjustments to my wardrobe. I now wear clothes that are becoming of my appearance.

Drastic changes don't need to occur however paying more attention to grooming and clothing as well as experimenting with these areas could lead to interesting results.

5. Social center of the room
Being the social center of the room for a PUA means being perceived as the leader in the room, your group, your network. An example of this in business can be seen by asking yourself; 'Who are the go to people on ______?' If you are not one of them, then chances are you are not yet the social center of the room. This is okay as it is something you can work on improving over time.

Becoming the social center takes a lot of courage and falls back into 'perception is reality'. If people perceive you as adding value to their life, business, etc. then they will say you are (whether you really are or not could be debatable depending on the situation). Some ways to do this is to begin by giving away some of your time around your areas of business (ie: giving free lectures or helping people free of charge). If you gain a loyal follower they will support you for a long time and add to your position as the social center.

6. Sense of humour
Humour is a great quality to have. I am not talking about cracking racist, sexist, etc. jokes but rather being able to look at the funny side of life. Years ago I read something that mentioned that a lot of humour can come from rearranging the facts to present them in a different manner. I tried this for a little while with a bit of success, although it takes practice to master. Humour can make relationship building as well as personal happiness a lot easier, which can make you more approachable to both individuals and businesses. A good way to start is to watch others who are comedians or have a sense of humour.

Spend a little bit of time reviewing the characteristics of an Alpha Male and consider how adapting some of them to your life may improve your results in business and other aspects of your life. You may find that a new world of possibilities awaits you, where you are able to get that promotion, pay raise, new client or customer as well as feeling that you are reaching your potential in life.

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