Why you should visit a second-hand bookshop

Following on from my book recommendation yesterday, I thought I should also mention why you should visit second-hand bookshops.

Second-hand bookshops are a great place to pick up a bargain.  They often have books that can be acquired near new for pennies on the dollar.  They also have a lot of books that are out of print or no longer in print.

I have a number of antique stores near my residence.  Between these and some other second hand bookshops I have picked up:

  • A number of old Bible editions no longer in print
  • Spanish and Latin textbooks
  • Biographies on the lives of people of interest to me
  • Books written by leaders in recent history no longer available in general bookstores
  • Books that I know friends would appreciate as birthday gifts
  • Some of my favourite books in older translations than those available to purchase brand new today.
When was the last time you visited a second-hand bookshop?  Do you ever check out the book section when visiting an antique store?