Why I've stopped using a second monitor

There are lots of claiming the benefits of multi-screen usage for productivity.  I used to be one of them.

However in the last few weeks I have been experimenting with going back to a single monitor.  Some of the benefits that have resulted since making the switch include:

  • My email inbox remains at or close to zero most of the week
  • I've become more focused on the particular task at hand
  • I feel more relaxed
  • I feel I am getting more done
  • I'm not constantly being distracted by email or something else popping up on a second screen (note: I also have new email notifications turned off and have my outlook setup to open directly to my calendar).
As a result of the improved focus and output, it is unlikely that I will return to the two-screen setup again in the future.  I feel the results of single monitor usage far outweigh some of the smaller sacrifices that are considered the benefits of a two-screen setup.

Do you use one screen at work or two?  Have you trialled the alternative?  What changes did you observe when using each option?

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