What I learned drinking coffee

Until recently, I'd never really been a coffee drinker.

The first time I remember having it, I had just quit smoking.  We were at a building site and my colleague came back and told me he had asked the lady if she could make us both a cup of coffee.

I'm not sure in hindsight if it was coffee in general or just that the cup was a poorly made coffee, but I do recall having a cigarette again in order to make it through the cup.  It wasn't my finest moment.

The next time I had a coffee was when I was working as a consultant.  It was my first day working with a new Italian client.  He insisted on making me a short black.  I surprisingly liked it!  That was the first coffee I had that I actually enjoyed.

I have since tried lattes and cappuccinos.  Each time I try a new style of coffee my coffee-drinking experience improves and I move into a slightly bigger view of the world.  Each time I try something new, I expand my reality.

What new things have you tried that increased your perspective of the world, or of a part of it?

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