How to remember which bread plate is yours

Have you ever been to a restaurant where you have a drink and a bread plate on each side of you, but you aren't sure which ones are yours?

Trouble be gone!  You can struggle no more by learning this little formula.

When you sit down at the table, make both of your hands into an 'Okay' symbol, but keep your fingers together, like this:

(Image source:

Your left hand should look like a 'b' and your right hand should look like a 'd'.  Your bread plate (b) will be on your left and your your drink (d) will be on your right.

I mentioned this once to someone who used to manage wait staff.  They said they wish they had known it, as it would have saved them so much time trying to explain to people how to set things up correctly.

Do you use any techniques such as this to help you remember things?  If so, have you considered sharing them with your friends or colleagues to help make their lives a little bit easier?