Employees vs Employers

The debate on whether it is better to be an employee or an employer often reminds me of a thought from Seneca.

Seneca believed the ideal position is not to be a slave or to have slaves, but rather to be both free from slavery and from needing slaves.

The current Pope is a good example of this.  He cooks his own meals.  He doesn't want to be waited on.  He acknowledges we are an inter-dependent culture but is happy to maintain his independence in some areas.  I respect that.

Another example was my old building teacher, Steve Moxham.  Steve used to run a construction company with nine employees.  He did the math and realised he could make the same amount of profit with just him and one extra person.  

So Steve went down to the job site that day and found 8 of his 9 staff slacking off.  He proceeded to sack them and went back to working with the one staff member that was diligent when everyone else wasn't.  Steve was the type of guy that would agree with Seneca's thoughts.

It doesn't matter so much where you are today.  What matters is where you are heading.

Are you aspiring to be an employee, employer, self-employed or other?