Consumers vs Producers

Consumer: A person or thing uses something (often goods or services).

Producer: a person or thing (country, company, etc.) that makes, grows or supplies something (again, often goods or services).

All of us to some degree are both a consumer and a producer.  We consume food, water, media, information, goods or services.  Likewise, we are employed to produce things, whether that be results, food, information, construction of physical objects, etc.

In light of this, we have various options re: our production and consumption:
  • Our Production = Consumption
  • Our Production > Consumption
  • Our Production < Consumption
  • We can reduce our production / consumption / both
  • We can increase our production / consumption / both.
What can you do in your life to produce more value for those around you; your friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues, society, country, the world?  Is there anywhere in your life that you can reduce your consumption?