How to Create Good Habits

We can't always control the results in our lives, but we can control our effort.  Habits are a way to easily develop and control this effort that we put in to our lives.

By creating a habit, which defines as, 'an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary', one can begin to change their life through repeated action and discipline.

Once a habit becomes a disciplined routine, it creates the freedom assigned to mastery.  For example, a guitar player may routinely practice for a set time each day of his/her life.  Over time, this practice provides him/her with the freedom to play the instrument the way they desire.

How do you create a habit? This video by BJ Fogg is a great explanation on how to build habits gradually so that over time they become life changing:

I've started to build my own habits.  I commenced with a morning and evening prayer routine (which I started with the tiny habit of the Lord's Prayer each day).  This video explains simply that which I learned through experience; namely that you build new habits by completing them straight after you complete your existing habit/s.  

This insight has allowed me to be able to add a daily habit of completing pushups and squats.  So far, these habits are going well and I'm feeling much better for having started them.

Are there any issues with this method?  If you miss doing the first habit in your chain, you almost certainly miss the other habits on a given day.  The most important thing to do is to ensure you complete the first habit in the chain you create.

What habits could you build into your life to ensure you are putting the effort in to achieve your desires?  Which of these habits will you start with today?

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