11 Apps I use

Update October 2016: I have updated this list to reflect my current most-used apps.

Here are some of the apps that I use on a daily or near-daily basis.  I’ve found a number of them life changing, and most are free.


The Five Minute Journal - A great app to start you with writing a journal daily.  Also helps to improve the mental attitude.

Duolingo – The best language-learning app I have ever used.  Helps me with learning Spanish to better interact with my girlfriend and family.

WhatsApp – I use this to keep in touch with friends and family whilst overseas.  My friends also use this to keep tabs on various competitions we run with each other.

C25K Free – A running app to help you go from the couch to running 5Ks at a time.  I tend to be injury-prone, but I use this when my knees and ankles aren't giving me grief.

Laudate – The best free app on the market for all things Catholic.  Includes two bible translations (Douay-Rheims, NABRE), daily readings for Mass and Saints of the day, the Liturgy of the Hours, Daily Prayers, Rosary prayers, the Stations of the Cross, a Confession app, the Catechism of the Catholic Church and much more!  I use this for easy access to Bibles.

Universalis – an app containing the Catholic daily Mass Readings and the Liturgy of the Hours.  Very easy and enjoyable to use.  It does come at a small cost, but is much cheaper than the circa $400 AUD required to purchase the book versions.  I use this when on the road and doing the liturgy of the hours.

Ref Guide 4 EO - A reference guide on essential oils and how to use them.  Recommended by my sister.  I use it mainly for sleep oils, frankincense and myrrh, which I have easily accessible.  Also good for some foods like ginger.

CommBank App - The banking app I currently use.

Pages - the word processing app I'm currently using for my fiction stories.

Learn Italian - I used this while in Italy to help me with ordering and few other things.

Star Wars commander - For those times when you want to kill time with a game on your phone, I found this one to be the most fun.  Note: I often have to delete this to focus on other tasks, it's that addictive!

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