Lessons from the life of Steve Moxham

Steve Moxham was one of my building teachers a few short years ago.

Unfortunately he passed away tragically very recently. I was called then night before the funeral by a friend and asked if I wanted to attend. It was a privilege to be able to do so.

Steve taught me at a very delicate time in my life. It was a time where I found myself without friends, without direction, hope or motivation. In a big way Steve has a great part to thank in who I am today. He also inspired me to get out of building and to make my way to university.

As I reflect on Steve's life, there are a number of things he taught me which have helped shape me in some way:
  1. Don't get stressed, just cause it: One of the most influential sayings I have remembered. Life is too short to let the smaller things get the better of you. Instead, focus your time on making things happen which may rattle other people's cages.
  2. The busy people get the work because the busy people get things done: Focus on becoming a busy person and do all that is required of you.
  3. An inappropriate joke: Email me if you are game enough to risk hearing it.
  4. Spend less than you earn: A great example of this from Steve was after his first marriage didn't work out he was able to pay her out with $80,000 cash he had saved up (that she was unaware of :p ).
  5. Contacts are important: Steve was able to buy a van once for $500 which was worth a lot more through one of his many contacts. He sold the van a year later slightly more than he paid for it.
  6. A clean site is a happy site: Based on his building experience. This principle can be applied using Clean As You Go around the office, house or at work. Don't leave everything a mess at the end of the day, it means you will be walking into a messy working environment the next morning.
  7. Smoking is dumb: Despite taking up smoking himself, Steve always came down on us whenever he caught us smoking. I remember him telling me a few times before I stopped he was disappointed in me. When I quit though he was pleased. In his letter that was read at his funeral he mentioned to one of his children he had now 'given up smoking for good'.
  8. How to use a shelf company.
  9. Liquidated damages and their benefits for you.
  10. Family is the most important thing: This one was observed from his life. Steve truly loved his family. I always hear older people saying they wish they had 1: taken more risks, and 2: spent more time with friends and family. Make sure you spend as much time with those you love as possible.
What lessons have you learned from the lives of those around you? Please leave a comment expressing some of those lessons.

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