30 days to reaching your potential day ten: Let us go shopping

For those of you who are fans of shopping today is going to be a good day.

We are going to start along the journey of improving your wardrobe. Most people present themselves in a light that does not portray them appropriately and consequently end up selling themselves short in many aspects of life.

As much as I believe we should all look at the inner beauty, the reality is that most people are shallow and judge people based on their appearance. Therefore it makes sense to do what we can (within reason) to ensure that we make a good first impression. A few simple changes (and a few hundred dollars spent) can make a huge difference.

Some aspects to think about when preparing to add new clothes to your wardrobe:
  • Smart casual: Your new wardrobe should consist of a smart casual attire. No surf brands, no heavy metal black jumpers, etc. A nice cut pair of jeans that are stylish are good, along with some casual t-shirts and button up shirts. Polo shirts are okay but tend to be seasonal so are better to avoid.
  • Nice fit: I know a lot of people who feel overweight. They end up buying bigger clothing to try and prevent people from noticing and from making it look to obvious. Although I do not recommend skin tight clothing (for men especially), buying clothing that fits is paramount. If you feel self conscious then consider ways you can do things to improve your confidence and happiness within yourself. Clothes that fit indicate that you still have style and have a fashion sense, which implies a lot about you.
  • Different colours: For years I have been a fan of black and white. Last night (at the time of writing this) I went out and almost every guy was wearing a white t-shirt. I was wearing a bright orange t-shirt under a button up which made me look different from the crowd. Brighter colours indicate confidence as most people will notice you. Black and whites (IE: neutral colours) tend to help you blend into the crowd. You don't have to have the brightest colour clothes, but try buying colours you don't normally wear and see how your mood is affected.
  • Professionals advice: I have been to a store twice in the last year now and each time spent over $600. Why did I do this? I went in looking for a piece of clothing but the guy in there helps me find a whole outfit or two that looks fantastic. This sales rep has now informed me that they go through a lot of training on how to match clothing, colour and style. I generally think that they have a little more knowledge than me, so I take their advice and buy what suits me.
  • Haircut: Your hair is also important. This is another one I have avoided for a long time, often revoking back to the same old haircut each time. I now go in and try to do something new, to see what I like and what works for me. Sometimes I get a few foils put through, but it is not essential. Get something done that suits you new look. If you are starting to go bald then maybe you could shave your hair off and get your ears pierced, or get some sort of different hairstyle.
  • Grooming: Grooming is another one I see friends hiding behind. I find that when I don't shave that people notice. I personally try to stick to shaving daily as my growth doesn't seem to do much for me. Many of my friends grow beards and hide a lot of their facial features, trying to hide behind the beard. Although they don't have to shave it off, a little styling and elimination of and fluffy parts could make a huge difference.
  • Accessories: Often overlooked by men (except for the wristwatch), accessories can dramatically improve your outfits, appearance and how interesting other people perceive you as being. Items include, rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, a scarf or two, etc.
  • Hygiene: Hygiene is vital. Cleaning your teeth, wearing deodorant and cologne is a must. Don't avoid it.
With these thoughts in mind, spend today heading out to a few shops and get at least one new whole outfit, not based on what you want but what the sales professional recommends. You will then have a brand new look! It might take a little while to feel comfortable in your new style, but overtime you will become more confident and satisfied that you are presenting yourself in a manner that serves you justice.

  • Head to a nice clothing shop (specific for your gender).
  • If you don't know of a clothing shop, ask a friend who appears stylish for advice.
  • Be prepared to spend a little (but don't go into debt).
  • Take the advice of the professional and try on a variety of clothes.
  • Ask for their opinion and buy the recommendations.

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