30 days to reaching your potential day nine: No plans today

Don't make plans for today.

Often we spend time trying to live in the past or the future, rather than enjoying the present. Today is the tomorrow you dreamed about yesterday. That last sentence might sound cliche but it is true inasmuch as what we do today will affect where we are tomorrow. Putting off making that call? Slipping on your exercise routine? We all do this at times only to find it is harder the next day.

Today we are going to forget it all, just for one day.

Rather than trying to get everything done spend today just living in the moment. Make plans as you go along but don't go into the day with expectations. It is a proven fact that we fear things in life when we have expectations that may not come to fruition. So for a change today don't plan anything or have any expectations of how the day will pan out. Take it as it comes and see what happens... you may experience something you may have missed otherwise.

No Actions today, take it as it comes.

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