30 days to reaching your potential day eight: go out for a meal with a friend/s

Meals are great for talking with friends and loved ones.

We all need to eat regularly to survive. Traditionally western society has three main meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. These are usually times where groups of people sit down and spend time together while having a meal of some sort.

We are social beings by nature. A lot of us enjoy a little time alone but become depressed if we spend to too much time in isolation. Time with friends and family increases our happiness.

Although one can choose to spend time with friends at home, today's exercise is to go out for a meal with a friend. It doesn't have to be the most expensive restaurant in town, but don't just go to McDonald's either. Go to a nice restaurant where you can sit down and spend a few hours eating and having a few glasses of wine discussing news that is occurring in your lives.

You can take multiple friends if you wish. There are generally three options when choosing what friends to take; either your usual friends, friends you are just starting to develop relationships with or old friends that you haven't seen for some time. Which ones you take out is up to you. Usually age old friends that have not been seen for some time make for really interesting discussion. I often find when I see an old friend that I learn something new that I had not known previously, and leave them feeling somewhat renewed and energized. However, new friends and the usual friends are awesome too and bring their own conversations to the mix.

If you are unable to organise the catch up today then make a booking with your friend/s for later in the week. Remember the goal here is to build ongoing habits, thoughts, ideas and activities into your life rather than just one off experiences.

  • Call a friend or friends and try to organise a meal out somewhere for a couple of hours.
  • If you can't organise today, make a date and lock it in.
  • Ensure you engage in conversation and enjoy hearing other people's thoughts, ideas and opinions.

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