30 days to reaching your potential day seven: start reading

Today's task is one that I have found has greatly helped my success in all aspects of life. Reading can be an enjoyable experience and can also teach you so much in a variety of areas in your life.

A lot of the people I am friends with have left school and have tried not to touch a book since. They don't enjoy reading, and are much happier watching the TV (Time Vanisher). This is a real shame as reading has helped shape my life, and could greatly have helped their lives too.

I picked up my first book on wealth creation when I was thirteen. From there, the books I have read, the courses I have taken and the people I have met have lead me down a lifestyle of entrepreneurial endeavours. Although I haven't learned everything from books, I would never have known these possibilities existed if it wasn't for reading that first book.

Imagine the possibilities for you to reach your potential by reading a book. This can be achieved by reading both things you are interested in and new books on random subjects. Recently I have moved from personal finance and entrepreneurship to motivational psychology, health and fitness, religion and philosophy books. The interesting thing is that while I learn new things I am still learning new knowledge for my core strengths.

Today's challenge is to start reading a book. It doesn't really matter what book you read, but make sure you read a hard copy book. Although blogs and other online news and books are good, nothing is the same as reading a tangible book.

Whether you choose a fiction or non-fiction book is up to you. You do not have to spend hours trying to devour a book in a single day. Instead learn to appreciate reading and enjoy it. Progress at a pace that feels comfortable for you.

As you start to read books, try to include the book into some of your conversations. Mention interesting story twists of things you have learned from reading. Your knowledge and enjoyment in life will begin to increase, and it may make you a more interesting or conversational individual.

  • Start reading a book today. Find a book that you think looks interesting.
  • Continue to read a little every day.
  • Share information or interesting details you have learned from reading.

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