30 days to reaching your potential day six: give something away

Do you have something in your life you no longer want or need?

I have had a number of things over the years that I no longer need. In recent months (partly due to moving house) we have taken a lot of our household items and sold them, thrown them out or given them away. Although initially there can be a little bit of a heart pull on some items, there has been a lot of satisfaction in giving things away.

Do you have something you could give away? If you don't want to give something you own away to someone, perhaps you could give away a bad habit (even if just for today) such as smoking, drinking, negative self talk or otherwise. Giving away these habits can improve both your life and the life of those around you.

Have a look around at all the things you have. Consider all the things you no longer need. When I did this I found I had heaps of items. Some of them were:
  1. Clothes
  2. Games
  3. Furniture
  4. Jewelery
  5. Guitar
  6. Toys from younger years.
Have a look at what items you have and consider doing one of these:
  1. Selling them on eBay or via a garage sale
  2. Donating them
  3. Throwing them out
  4. Passing them on as hand me downs
  5. Finding them a new home.
If you don't have much (I.e.: you are already minimalist) then congratulations. Give away a bad habit or give some of your time to family and friends to let them know you care.

  1. Assess what you have.
  2. Determine what you are prepared to give away.
  3. Give away something.
  4. Consider giving up a bad habit.
  5. Give away some of your time if you don't have an item to give.
  6. Appreciate the joy in giving and making another's life a little better.

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