30 days to reaching your potential day five: Improve your body language

Most people walk around with a bad posture. It is not good for the body because it puts unexpected pressure on certain areas and joints, which can cause damage in the longer term. It is also not good for the mind as better posture can help one to feel more confident.

Do a google search on improving posture, and take action accordingly! Be aware that you will probably not hold the correct position for long at first, but practice and repetition will help you to maintain it over time.

The rest of day five includes thinking about your body language. How does the way you stand, present yourself, smile, look, etc. affect the way others think about you? We will cover clothing and appearance on a later day in the series but for now consider the possible impact that body language could be having on your relationships with others and your chances of success.

Want to learn more about body language? Spend a little time searching on the Internet, reading a book or consider taking a course. It may change the way you are perceived and the way you perceive others.

  1. Improve your body posture. Watch the above video a few times and monitor your stance.
  2. Try to watch your posture at all times.
  3. Think about and pay more attention to your body language and the body language of others. Can you see what it conveys? Consider spending a little more time over the next days, weeks and months learning more about body language.

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