30 days to reaching your potential day nineteen: Try something new

We all like to remain in our comfort zones.

Once we begin to get settled in life, things become easier and we begin to become comfortable. We tend to be more reluctant to try new things and can become fearful. Unfortunately this situation leaves us missing out on some of the best experiences that life has to offer us.

One way to begin to reach our potential and discover all that life has to offer us is to try something new. Here is a personal example: For years, I have never been a good swimmer and have not had the courage to take action to improve. Luckily however, I changed my mindset and decided I wanted to learn to swim. My mother decided to finally buy me some swimming lessons as a Christmas present (as well as access to a pool) as a result. Once I book them in and start I'll be trying something that is new to me while at the same time I'll be overcoming a fear I've met face to face a few times over the years.

Today is the day to try something new. You don't have to go and book swimming lessons (although you might). You could drive a new way to work, have a meal at that restaurant you have always wanted to check out but have never gone to or you could do a short course in something that interests you (speaking of which, I also enrolled in a short course in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which should be exciting). The idea is to expand your context over your usual routine so that you begin to gradually step outside your comfort zones and into reaching your potential.

  1. Try something new. Small steps and new changes lead the way to big results over time. Begin today and watch the changes in your life as you continue to try new things over time.

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