30 days to reaching your potential day fifteen: show some love

We are all human and all need to feel loved at times. More often than not, we receive negative feelings, words and emotions from others in our lives. These can leave people feeling bad about themselves and feeling extremely hurt, which can create tension in aspects of their lives.

It is said that for every wrong thing someone is told they need five or more compliments to undo the damage. How much more would then be needed to help them truly reach their potential? If you want to live a better life, then part of your goal in the process should be to help others to better their lives.

Today we are going to start to show love to others. Today you need to find three people and compliment them. Whether you do this in person, via phone, sms, email or facebook does not matter. 

The main thing is to give someone a positive reinforcement that they are valued and appreciated in your life. Continue to do this daily for the rest of this series and observe any changes.

The benefit of this action is twofold. The first is that by complimenting three people a day, you begin to improve how they feel about themselves. The second is that people will start to appreciate the value you give them and will in turn value you more.

  1. Pick three people you know.
  2. Compliment them in some way.
  3. Do the same everyday for the rest of this series and watch the effect on your relationships.
  4. Make sure you read tomorrow’s post first thing in the morning before you do anything else.