30 days to reaching your potential day thirteen: start to exercise

Exercise is great for the body.

A few years ago, I was exercising almost every day and building huge momentum both in my output, results and confidence. During this time I felt the healthiest I had ever been. I was disciplined and organised and my results in all aspects of my life were outstanding.

Unfortunately during this time I took up smoking again. This set me back health wise and although I eventually kicked the habit I gave up the exercise in the process. I have since got back into exercise again and each time I do something I feel fantastic.

Most of us know that we don’t exercise as much as we should. We look at ourselves in the mirror and are unhappy with the way we look, but do not feel motivated enough to make a change. Usually we link a lot of pain to doing exercise for the long term pleasure of being healthy. Instead, we prefer to link pleasure to our short term gratification of not exercising and overeating in exchange for the long term pain of being unhealthy.

Today we are going to start building momentum in relation to exercise. Set some SMART goals for yourself in this area. If you currently don’t are not doing any exercise, then perhaps you could start doing 20 push-ups and sit-ups along with 20 minutes of walking three times a week. Then you could add five minutes and five push-ups and sit-ups to your routine each week. The importance here is to get into a habit that will help you to begin building a regular routine that will see you gradually increase your results over time.

Here are two routines that can see you building your health and fitness quickly with a scalable routine:

  1. Start exercising today. Go for a walk, add five push-ups to your routine or consider joining a sport team.
  2. Develop a habit. Get into a routine of doing exercise based on your goals and slowly increase your output to help you reach your goals. Take it steady and prepare to enjoy the lifelong journey of exercising.

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