30 days to reaching your potential day twelve: Cook yourself something

Fast food has become a great cause for obesity.

Australia is the most obese nation in the world. We spend so much of our money buying fast food which is not healthy for us and takes it's toll on our bodies. I know that the more regularly I eat take away the less I remember the joy associated with cooking my own food.

Today we are going to begin breaking the take away or restaurant eating cycle. Spend some time today and cook yourself a meal. It is not so important what exactly you cook, but rather that you spend some time cooking something instead of purchasing a meal. Try to associate the joy of creating with the joy of eating.

Whenever I prepare my own food at home, I find that I feel a lot more confident and healthy. It makes m feel a lot more content in my own abilities. Take away has been a vice for me for years (especially given the traveling nature of my work history) but it is something I am working on cutting back.

If you eat meals away from home regularly, don't feel like you have to give it up entirely. The objective is to reduce the amount of take away meals and meals spent in restaurants that you have. The cash alone that you can save from this exercise should make it worthwhile.

If you eat at home on a regular basis then that is fantastic! Keep up the great work and continue again by preparing your own meal at home tonight.

  1. Prepare yourself a meal at home. For most people who work this will be dinner, but it could be a nice breakfast or lunch too.

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