30 days to reaching your potential day one: clearing your desk

photo courtesy of joelesler

There are a number of little things that an individual can do to help them to reach their potential. Having thought about this concept I have come up with a list of things that an individual can do to begin living a better life and have decided to create a 30 day guide around it.

When we reach our potential we begin to feel more fulfilled, more satisfied in our results and more content with our lives. However, to start on our journey to self improvement we need to begin by clearing some space to begin our operations.

Today you are going to begin the 30 days to reaching your potential by clearing your desk. You will need to have some space to work for the next four weeks and having a clear space is important to do this.

If you don't currently have a desk or home office, find something that will suit as an alternative. You can use the lounge room and coffee table, a dining room table, etc. The main thing is this: The desk needs to be clean.

Having a clear desk gives you a place where you can have a clean slate. You do not want to be working in a stressful environment and feeling extra tension because of the mess around you. Figure out where you will use as a desk and make sure the tabletop is spotless. Eliminate everything; no paper, no desktop computer (laptop is acceptable if it gets put away), in/out boxes, no to do lists, etc. The goal is to have nothing on your work station.

If your desk has drawers (either real or makeshift) then go through them and ruthlessly eliminate everything you do not use. Keep a few pens and maybe a calculator, but try and eliminate as much paper and other material as possible. The goal is not to have more stuff taking up your thoughts, but rather to focus only on one task at a time, so that you manage to get more completed. With less stress (visually and mentally) you will have the ability to focus and to get more done.

A person's desk also says a lot about their character. For example: If you see a desk covered in stuff, do you think the person is organised and efficient, or messy and stressed? Your perception may be inaccurate, but you still make assumptions nonetheless. What would someone say about you if they saw your desk?

  1. Eliminate everything from on top of your desk.
  2. Go through the draws and reduce as much as possible.
  3. If you have time, consider reviewing any filing cabinets and eliminating old papers.
  4. If you have the money, but a little rubbish bin for your office to help keep it tidy.

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