Become a master Pick Up Artist in business and life part two

What makes you happy in life?
Building on my previous post, I have found that Pick Up Artists use a lot of techniques that can be applied to business and all areas of life.

The above video shows Neil Strauss (aka Style) author of 'The Game' discussing how by focusing on maintaining a balance of four areas every day he has worked on making himself both a more confident, happy and interesting person.

Essentially these four steps are useful for any individual wanting to find a greater sense of satisfaction in aspects of their life:

1. Work: Doing a bit of work every day allows you to progress forward towards your dreams while achieving something. This will allow you to continue achieving small steps and progress daily towards your goals, while finding a level of satisfaction in life. If you ask people who have retired a lot of them miss working and the sense of satisfaction they got from working.

2. Mental: Challenging ourselves with new problems and learning something new everyday helps increase our overall knowledge while also making us a more interesting person. I find I face new problems almost every day. Each one helps me to learn something new about a specific situation and about myself.

3. Physical: Prevention is often better than a cure. Spending a small amount of time every day working on maintaining physical health can help you maintain your fitness easily. Five push ups a day is better than 50 one day a week. Having a higher level of health and fitness will allow you to take on more tasks and to prevent you from feeling as drained of energy at the end of the day.

4. Social: We are social beings. Without If we don't interact and engage with others on some level daily, we quickly become depressed and reclusive. I have experienced this at times over the years in my life, and it is not a healthy situation to be in. If you want to begin increasing your social life, start investing more in your friends. Make a quick call, stop in at a pub after work and meet new people or get into some sort of new activity.

Many people often try to take on too much or forget to try and maintain a balance of the important things in their lives. Before too long then end up overburdened, burned out and depressed.

By devoting a small amount of time everyday to the main aspects of life you can help to minimise the chance of burnout in one area while maximising your satisfaction in all areas. Interest and energy are cyclical, so by not focusing too much on one we diversify out interest which can help to increase our energy over a longer period.

The next time you are having an average day or not feeling so great about yourself, consider the following self analysis questions:
  1. Am I devoting too much energy to one particular aspect of life?
  2. Am I doing this merely to impress someone else, or to feel better within myself?
  3. What could I do right now to improve my mood?


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