Start achieving today on a micro scale

What is micro scale?

The old saying goes that a 'journey of a thousand miles begins with a single small step'. I would argue two points on the contrary to this statement:
  1. The journey begins with the intention to travel.
  2. Before the first step, preparation must me made for the journey.
A micro scale is a small step towards the small milestone.

Lets use the following scenario:

A mum who is working full-time would like to increase her income by an extra thousand dollars a month. To do this, she intends to start her own eBay business one day and run it one day a week(Intention). She sets up the eBay account, finds items around the house for sale, and begins to take photos of the items to list the first sale (preparation).
This is the beginning stages of the micro scale journey. They are:

  • Make a plan: Determine what it is you would like to do.
  • Prepare to execute the plan: Get their affairs in order to begin execution.
The next step is breaking down the goal into more realistic and achievable goals. $1,000 in extra income a month might be difficult for someone to achieve initially. This goal however, could be broken down into smaller goals similar to the following:

Month One: $1 income
Month Two: $2 income
Month Three: $4 income
Month Four: $8 income
Month Five: $16 income
Month Six: $31.25 income
Month Seven: $62.5 income
Month Eight: $125 income
Month Nine: $250 income
Month Ten: $500 income
Month Eleven: $1000 income (goal reached)
Month twelve: $2000 income (goal exceeded).

One can see how breaking down a goal into smaller monthly steps quickly becomes a highly achievable and obtainable goal, while building upon early successes to improve results each month.
How can I achieve on a micro scale?

So how can you begin to start achieving on a micro scale? 

Let's assume you want to start saving, and would like to have $5,000 by the end of the year.

Rather than trying to save $100 a week (as your budget is very tight), you begin by setting a goal of saving $10 a week for the first two weeks. 

During these two weeks you might review your budget and begin to reduce your expenses to begin to protect this regular contribution for the next twelve months ($10 a week for one year will see you with $520 at the end of 12 months, which is a more than one tenth of $1,000 already).

After two weeks you have reduced your expenses and are able to save $30 a week. 

Next, you decided to pick up two hours a week extra at your job, even though they don't pay overtime rates ($20 per hour x 2 assuming after tax). 

Savings is now at $70 a week.

Lastly, you decide you want to begin earning a very small income from a hobby outside of work. 

The plan is to one day run a part-time business. You find all the old items around your house and begin to take photos of them. Instead of buying things on eBay you begin to list your old stuff, a few items at a time.

These items start selling and you begin to make $25 a week profit. Revising your budget, you find a way to carve out another $10 a week bringing the total amount you can save up to $105, which will allow you to save from there on in $5,460 over the next 52 weeks. Goal Accomplished!

The steps for achieving on a micro scale are as follows:

  • Intention.
  • Breaking down into small actionable goals.
  • Achieving these small actionable goals.
  • Build upon previous successes.

The importance of a micro scale

There are many reasons why achieving on a micro scale is important, but the main one is that you begin to build momentum which can be further expanded upon. 

By building momentum, you build confidence in your ability to achieve your goals.

Micro scale results don't bring in huge profits at once, they accumulate over time. 

Saving $100 a week isn't a big deal to a lot of people, but in ten years time you would have $52,000 (not including the interest and other possible returns that could occur on this money during this time).

Don't start small, begin extra small and building your empire from the ground up on a micro scale.


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