Wealth Pillar Eight: Making a contribution

You don't have to look far to see that high profile celebrities and millionaires are always contributing to society. 

While it may not be publicized, many of them believe in the importance of the redistribution of wealth and helping others to achieve success.

Contribution to the world can be done in many ways if you are wealthy. Some of the main ones are listed here.

Contribution of Money

Obviously this is the one that receives the most controversy.

Many people complain that the rich don't share their money or use it to help the world. 

Without taking a stance on the argument I would like to point out two things:
  1. A lot of rich people give money to charities, religious institutions and organizations privately (and do not make a public display of it).
  2. Giving money can be a great way to help the world.
Most rich people follow a 'tithing' style of giving where they give 'at least' 10% of their income (usually more). 

Contribution of Time

As your wealth increases, you may find you have more free time thanks to a passive income. 

This time could be spent helping charitable organizations, mentoring individuals on how to become successful business owners and investors or helping serve in some way.

Contribution of Knowledge

If you manage to implement these Eight Wealth Pillars and become successful along the way, then you will no doubt have a level of knowledge in business, investing and personal finance from which others could benefit. 

You can be generous and make a contribution by writing a book, teaching people at seminars or a university or college, or by publishing a blog.

Contribution of Spirit

Many people have a spiritual or religious life. 

Some of these circles would love extra participants to help with things they are doing. However, that is not what I am talking about when I say the contribution of spirit.

A lot of people have had their personal spirit and belief in themselves crushed. 

This may result from a number of circumstances. 

Being able to contribute in a way that builds their spirit and helps them to gain confidence in themselves again is an excellent way to contribute to society.

How you contribute to society is up to you. 

The important thing to note is that as a wealthy individual you have a responsibility to help others in a way that plays to your strengths.

Remember to visit each of these pillars from time to time, as you continue along your wealth journey.

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