Investing in Yourself

What are some of the ways you can invest in yourself? 

There are several but they generally have to do achieving one of the following objectives:
  1. Teach you a new skill.
  2. Improve your health.
  3. Improve your finances.
  4. Improve your spirit.
  5. Make you feel more confident (long term).
  6. Improve employment opportunities.
Some examples that meet the above requirements are the following:
  • Buying new clothes.
  • Going to university.
  • Going to a TAFE or Junior College.
  • Going to the gym or a pool.
  • Playing a sport.
  • Going to church.
  • Taking a home study course.
There are many more but I think these help to get the point across. 

Investing in yourself is good if it:
  1. Does not get you into debt.
  2. Improves your quality of life in some way.
I am not talking about justifying the purchase of a new car because you believe you will be able to get a better job or will feel more socially accepted. 

You know the truth and what is really going to make a long-term benefit in your life. 

Be frugal with your living expenses but don't hesitate to make a permanent habit of investing in yourself.