How I use the 80/20 principle at university

I was just surfing a forum and found a question from someone asking how individuals are using the 80/20 principle while undertaking tertiary study to achieve their desired results at university. 

Below is a list of a few quick tips I listed in response.

1: Study in an area you are passionate about: 

I am studying a Bachelor of Business Entrepreneurship at RMIT (I live in Australia). 

This university can potentially allow me to travel overseas, and has some international links. 

Studying this course is in relation to my passion, not something I chose at random. 

Pick what suits your abilities, passion and strengths.

2: Learn how to develop report templates: 

Essentially I use one of two templates styles I have created for all of my reports, just changing the headings and then updating the headings in the Table Of Contents (Note: If you set this up right, it should take 30 seconds).

3: Always be the group leader: 

Learn to delegate out to others. 

Use the above mentioned template, allocate word limits to each section and pass the sections off to people based on their strengths (so they can use 80/20).

4: Get a job with a lecturer or in relation to your study: 

I now work for one of the many businesses run by my lecturer. 

In the first six weeks I managed to obtain an 11% pay rise. 

The benefit to me is that I gain experience in my field while learning in a practical environment... and also getting paid for it at the same time.

5: Apply for any credit transfers

If possible (don't study unless you have to; it costs time and money, both which students have little of).

6: Create a time line for your assessment deadlines and percentage marks for each in excel: 

Eliminate the unnecessary and track the progress weekly/ fortnightly, etc.

7: Don't practice presentations: 

Whip up a powerpoint (one line dot points) and present impromptu. 

Much better results and minimal effort, while ensuring the content is fresh in your mind and not stale.

How are you using the 80/20 principle to maximize your study (or your work, etc.)?

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