Tools of the trade

I am continually revising the way that I complete my work tasks and other projects. I am always trying to do more with less, so as to ensure maximum results for the amount of time and resources invested.

There are a number of things that I currently use to ensure I get my work done, while being able to travel between working locations with minimum effort. As most of the work I undertake is either online or using a computer, much of my work revolves around technology.

I thought I would share with you what I use when doing my work.

  1. Targus Laptop Bag: This bag is good for holding a few things work related. It does note leave room for excess, which is beneficial as it requires me to ensure that everything I take with me is worth the additional weight and space it consumes.
  2. Toshiba 1GB Flash stick: I will be upgrading to a 2GB flash stick soon. While not used much when using my laptop, it is convenient for taking files to other computers or for being able to work without a laptop present.
  3. Parker Pen: I was given this pen as a 21st birthday present, and carry it along with two others. My plan is to eventually have another Parker Pen. The benefit of these is that they are better quality, they tend to be placed more carefully (which prevents losing them), and they tend to work more properly (unlike the cheaper pens which have the ink either leak or fail to work). They also don't need to be replaced, as you can buy additional cartridges, saving money in replacement pens every few weeks.
  4. Business compendium: This compendium originally had an additional section in it with a business card holder, a calendar and a calculator, but I never used any of these features and pulled them out. Good for taking notes and acting on them so as not to build up lots of unnecessary papers.
  5. Moleskine notebook: This notebook is ace. It has a cool little pocket in the back and I have broken it down using tabs to make different useful sections (I'll go into this in more detail in a future post). While they are more expensive than other notebooks, I feel as though my thoughts that I write down are more valuable, and it is less likely to get lost of damaged due to my appreciation of it.
  6. BenQ Joybook S41: After my last laptop blew up, I obtained a non-interest student loan to buy a new laptop. These were retailing for $1,200, but I managed to get one through a mate at a computer shop for a wholesale price of $900. Not the best laptop in the world, but certainly is serving a useful purpose. I eventually would like to own an Apple Macbook or a Sony VAIO, but whatever I purchase next must have a long battery life (just over 3 hours is not cutting it for me).
My personal concept is to use the most vital and effective tools to get the job done as easily as possible. These tools seem to work best for me. What tools you use is up to you, but I would advise continually revising your selection to simplify your input while maximising your output.

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