The long term key to success... Building persistence

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There is one thing in life that seems to ensure that you are able to continue stumbling forward along your journey until one day you realise you have arrived. This key is needed to open the door that has stopped so many people from reaching their goals, turning them away unsatisfied and looking for another path without a door.

This key will help you achieve your goals in life, and this key is persistence.

Persistence essentially is the ability to see things through to completion. While persistence is difficult to master, obtaining this key and adding it to your tool belt will greatly improve your chances of success.

Have you ever faced a situation where there is pain associated with going forward? People tend to lose their ability to persist when the pain of going forward is more than the pain of staying the same or going backwards. How beneficial is it to push through the pain barrier with the power of persistence? Without it, chances of success are greatly reduced, if not totally diminished.

What can you do to increase your level of persistence? I offer the following five suggestions to building persistence and in the process, long term success:
  1. Continue to look at the long term goal: While you might feel like giving up today, is this what you want in the long run? For example: Are you finding your study/work hard at the moment and feel like giving up? If your long term goal is to gain a degree or a promotion then giving up is not an option! Looking at the long term goal can help you to push through the temporary setbacks and pain.
  2. Take small steps: You can break through any adversity and struggle with continual small steps taken daily towards accomplishing your goals.
  3. Change the directions, not the destination: Sometimes giving up on a certain option is best if what you are doing is not in your area of expertise. For example: Your goal might be to get a degree, so you start in an arts degree. Later you realise that your passion is in management so you decide to leave your arts degree and move into a management degree. You are still achieving your long term goal, just the approach for doing so has changed to an area where your strengths will be maximised.
  4. Find a mentor: Someone who has achieved what you want to do can guide you through periods of struggle to come out successful, as quite often they will have faced similar circumstances and can provide you with insights from experience.
  5. Turbocharge your output: If you implement the above four steps and still find yourself struggling to get through the barrier and want to persist to see the job done, then turbocharge your results. This can be done by reading more on the subject your are struggling with, by devoting more time to apply yourself to pushing through the pain barrier or a multitude of other options. Find what will help you through and then implement it to receive a boost in your results.
If you are struggling with persistence, don't stress. Just plod along and do the best you can each day. Over a period of weeks or months, you will find that you have not only pushed through the pain barrier, but that the persistence key has opened the resistance door you were facing and allowed you to enter the next step in your journey.