How to trick out a Mokeskine

The good old Moleskine notebook. Of all the notebooks I have had this is by far my favorite. I actually feel as though my thoughts have more value going into a higher value notebook, and there is a sense of pride regarding my ideas when I write them into this little book.

While a Moleskine is a great little note book (having lined pages, being able to lay flat, having that cool little back pocket, etc) there are several things that can be done to enhance the experience capturing ideas, thoughts and tasks (either in a Moleskine or any other notebook).

Implementing a new system

While I used to just write my ideas anywhere in notebooks, this became a bit of a problem when trying to find the material at a later date. As such I have now implemented the following steps:
  • Numbered every right hand page (the left hand page is just page 'A' of the page before it eg: page 1A).
  • Divided my notebook into five sections: Inbox/To do, Projects, Blog Posts, Notes, and Billable Working Hours.
  • Added both an index and an abbreviations page on the first pages.
  • Used the last two pages to list recommended reading material.
  • Used the back pocket to carry a free movie ticket (so I can go with friends if the idea suddenly occurs, as it has done before.).
Breaking down the system

I have found this system to be very beneficial for finding my thoughts. The tabs on the sections are really useful for finding something specific in a hurry, and I use the bookmark for the to do list page I am up to. Here is how each of my sections works:
  1. Inbox: All to do list type tasks I create for myself or from work go in here
  2. Projects: Major university, business and work projects (longer term) go in here
  3. Blog posts: Ideas for this and my other blog go in here
  4. Notes: Thoughts, ideas, sketches, etc. go in here
  5. Billable working hours: I keep track of the hours I do for work, as I work remotely and need to report them to earn my income. Also is a good discipline to get into for longer term business concepts (which will require client invoicing).
By implementing this system you will greatly improve your ability to find notes, to track what you need to do, how much you have worked, and more. Students and executives alike will be able to track their projects and actions for each project/assessment they are undertaking in their chosen field/s.

Always write your thoughts down. They might not look that way now but some of your ideas and thoughts could be worth a fortune in years to come... and you won't have to worry about remembering them as you will have a hard copy documented.

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