How to manage your computer.

How clean is your computer screen? Do have multiple items to search through to find what you are trying to do? Is your computer filing out of control? I personally have struggled with this for a long time and have begun to make some changes.

In my last post, I explained that one of the websites I regularly review is, which has been created by Leo Babauta. After reading a number of Leo's posts, I have made a number of changes in my lifestyle, and am continuing to make changes constantly.

One of the recommendation's that Leo made in regards to computer filing was to rearrange the way your My Documents folder is organised, using the following system:
  1. Inbox (New things entering the system, new tasks, files, folders, etc.)
  2. Actions (to do list, and work for completion)
  3. Incubate (Items to be read or reviewed at a later date)
  4. Current Projects (Projects currently being undertaken)
  5. Archive (Everything else that is needed for reference but not actively being used).
Having been a big fan of the simplicity of Gmail and it's archive folder, I have rearranged the My Documents folder on my computer to have the similar setup to the above, but under two categories:
  • Personal
  • Work
Eventually these categories will be eliminated, after I finish setting up Jungle Disk for the work files for the company. Until then, I have the two listed separately to be able to keep track of things appropriately.

I have so far revised and updated the archive folder of my work folder, and will continue to review and update my personal folder as time goes on. Some of the benefits so far are as follows:
  • There are no longer work folders and files clogging up my personal content
  • My work is all organised effectively and can be managed with more ease
  • The My Documents Folder is clean and looks much less stressful when opened
  • I have been able to appropriately store all folders that were piling up on my desktop
  • I have eliminated the unnecessary files and folders on my computer, allowing it to work more efficiently.
I also am reviewing my email account (I use Gmail) and eliminating unnecessary items in my archive. This allows for faster response time and less time searching for previous material.

I highly recommend individuals who want to improve their time efficiency on their computer and their PC space spend the time to undertake a similar system and then de-frag your hard-drive. This will improve both your computer's and your own performance over the long term!