Building your personal network

The old saying goes along the lines of 'It's not what you do/have, but who you know'. Ensuring you are highly networked can only be a benefit to your long term success.

How can networking be of a benefit to you? Here are some of my thoughts:

  • Increase your reaches: You promote yourself better.
  • Increase your employment: Job opportunities are mostly found through networks, and by networking you increase your chances of finding employment as required.
  • Better support and assistance: Should you require help in some aspect of your life, a network can support you and provide help.
  • Better promotion and branding: If you are in a business of your own, networking is a vital key to building your brand and reputation.
There are many more but that is just a start. So the question then becomes; 'What can we do to build a larger network?'
  • Join a networking group (or a group and then network)
  • Start a group
  • Give presentations and seminars at universities or businesses
  • Volunteer time and help in a charity, etc.
  • Develop a business card, and hand it out to people you meet
  • Set up on social networking sites online
  • Start a blog
  • Continue to learn about networking, and act on what you learn.
Whether you network or not is up to you, but what are the potential benefits in your life from increasing your network?

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