Through the Looking Glass: See into the future of your life!

Have you ever wanted to look into a magic mirror and see your future? What would you do today if the picture in five, ten or 20 years didn't look the way you had anticipated?

To head towards the future you would like to achieve I offer a few tips I have learned from other people's insights:

  1. Prepare for Opportunity: Always continue to learn and challenge yourself in new areas. This will allow you to increase your ability and will assist you in creating you own 'luck' later in life.
  2. The People you surround yourself with is the person you become: People we spend our time with tend to influence our opinions and thoughts. Birds of a feather flock together. If you are not happy with the company you keep, consider changing friends so that you do not end up picking up any habits you deem as being undesirable.
  3. Mental and Spiritual well-being: While there is a lot of discussion these days surrounding physical well-being, keeping your mind and your spirit alert and sharp are crucial to ongoing happiness and success. (Physical Health is of major importance also, but the others should not be ignored, look for a balance.)
  4. Take Risks: Trying new things and being willing to take a little risk here and there can create new exciting experiences in your life. Try to find experiences that you would not normally undertake, as you might end up enjoying them and have your mind opened to a new perspective on things.
  5. Plan: You will never know where you will be in the future, unless you plan a direction and begin to take steps along that path. It is important to continue taking steps and adjusting goals as you go. Without a plan, you will not know your desired destination.
Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity.  Where do you see yourself in the future? What action are you taking towards it?

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