Pushing the barriers and boundaries

Have you ever felt like the pain of going forward is worse than the pain of going back?

I have felt this way in my life many times. Sometimes what we are doing just feels like it is too much and that life was easier before we jumped into the new challenge we are undertaking (I.e.: university, a new job, a new venture, sport, etc.). However, while we may have this perception it is not usually the case.

We usually take on a new challenge in life to expand our context. Whether we see this new challenge through to completion or not is irrelevant. Throughout any time undertaken in these projects our context is increased in many ways, especially in our ability to comprehend new thoughts, options, etc.

If an individual leaves the new challenge with an expanded context, they will never find the level of satisfaction in that environment they initially did. This is true for many people who leave uni because they feel it is too hard only to regret it years later, knowing had they pushed through the barriers and boundaries that they would have achieved their goals.

In conclusion, while things might get harder, we learn and adapt and can push through these challenges in life with the right attitude and with patience, perseverance and support. Don't give up on your dreams if the going gets tough.

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