Minimising fear in the current market.

Photo courtesy of extranoise

Yesterday I attended church to hear the second of four sermons on fear. I am a firm believer that fear is really just an acronym for "False Expectations Appearing Real" and that we are all able to overcome fears that we face. An example I have seen of this in my own life was being able to overcome my fear of dogs (after being bitten by one at a young age). I ended up having one of my own and loved it.

During the sermon the pastor mentioned that in order to prevent worry and fear in our lives we need to focus on our identity. Our identity is compiled from understanding who we were in our past, how we have been shaped into who we are, and who we are today.

By having a strong understanding of our identity we can then focus on our purpose in life. I am a strong believer that if we are still alive we still have a purpose, and that purpose is greater and will not be altered by the course of any stock market crash, recession, depression, ill health or any other obstacle life throws our way.

It is important that our identity is not tied up in things that are tangible. If our identity is in our friends, and those friends die or drop out of touch, then we will lose a part of our identity. If our identity is focused on money and we lose money, we may lose part of ourselves. To overcome this, we as individuals should focus on developing our identity in God, who is infallible but less tangible. By doing so we can be assured that while obstacles might get in our way, our identity and purpose in life will remain secure.

What do you have your identity in? If your primary sense of identity is only money or friends or things, how will this affect your state of being long term?


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